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Our Members Love Us

This is unsolicited feedback from actual Teaching Startup members. We gotta keep them anonymous because that's how we operate.

Testimonial #2

Thank you for the very sound and well structured advice. This is exactly what me and my co-founder needed to put together a compelling sales deck.
A.K. -- Tech Startup Co-Founder

Testimonial #2

This issue of the newsletter was incredible! I feel like I just got multiple business courses all wrapped into a convenient format. Thanks!
A.E. -- DTC Startup Founder

Testimonial #1

Already earned back your subscription! Thank you!
S.C. -- Stealth Startup Founder

Testimonial #1

Teaching Startup has provided tons of value to me over the past seven months. It serves as a reminder to work on getting better, not just working harder. It's actionable. It's like mentoring, it adds value in the same way.
J.G. -- Future Startup Founder

Who We Are

Member questions are answered by highly-vetted, experienced entrepreneurs. Here are a few of them.

Joe Procopio

Joe Procopio is the founder of Teaching Startup. He is a career entrepreneur with several exits (Automated Insights, ExitEvent). He is currently building Precision Fermenation; IoT and beer. More

Mike Evans

Mike Evans founded GrubHub in 2002, and ultimately led that company to an IPO. Today, Mike is the founder and CEO of Fixer, an on-demand handyperson service. More

Mandy Nyarko

Mandy Nyarko is the cofounder of Startup Discovery School. She has personally supported over 200 startups with customer discovery, investment readiness and commercial strategy. More

Lynn Walder

Lynn Walder has spent 20+ years working in partnership with company leaders and Founder CEOs across various industries and org growth stages. More

Aaron Dinin

Dr. Aaron Dinin teaches entrepreneurship at Duke University. His courses focus on opportunity identification, social marketing, and customer/user acquisition. More