Startup Help on Demand

Teaching Startup connects entrepreneurs to vetted advisors at low cost and with no commitment required.

We're in a pilot, so if you want the white glove treatment, and if you can be patient, sign up for our wait list.


Teaching Startup automates the knowledge economy by delivering on-demand advice and mentoring from established experts to emerging knowledge workers and entrepreneurs..

We provide low-cost advisory services from vetted experts to entrepreneurs and others in the knwledge economy--those who use data and experience to make decisions that impact companies, products, and people.

A give-back project founded by Joe Procopio, a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur who writes a regular real-time, real-world startup advice blog, Teaching Startup is looking to expand, slowly, to reach and help more entrepreneurs and knowledge workers through content, contact, and one-on-one on-demand sessions.

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